Frequently Asked Questions


What does NeurawakeTM do?  It is a nutritional dietary supplement that rapidly removes fatigue, stress and brain fog.  NeurawakeTM restores calm focus, and supports stamina and well-being.  

Does NeurawakeTM actually work?  Yes. NeurawakeTM’s key ingredients are all backed by solid clinical studies and user feedback.  The FDA disclaimer seen in this website is needed because NeurawakeTM is not a drug.

Who is NeurawakeTM best suited for?  Those with demanding jobs, travelers, students, and those with busy lifestyles.

How fast does NeurawakeTM take effect?  Within 15-30 minutes.

How do I use this product?  Take NeurawakeTM in the morning when you get up with a little food, either daily or as needed. The time of day matters with this supplement for best results. A second dose may be taken later in the morning, before noon, if desired. See label information for more.


Why do the directions say take NeurawakeTM in the morning? NeurawakeTM supports the waking phase of a normal sleep-wake cycle. You may have heard of people taking melatonin during travel, which is for the sleep phase of the cycle. NeurawakeTM supports the normal wake phase of the cycle, which ideally should be in the morning.

What is in this product?  NeurawakeTM’s actives include trace minerals from the sea off Iceland, active ingredients from two kinds of medicinal tea plants (Jade Dew and Bitter Nail teas), the energy intermediates malate and citrate, a pure extract of blue spirulina, and a low dose of sustained caffeine.  See label information for more.

Is NeurawakeTM a good daily supplement? Most people take theirs daily. The formula ingredients have been shown to be beneficial long term, in quality studies.

Can I take NeurawakeTM with coffee?  Yes, and since NeurawakeTM has a little sustained-effect caffeine (that in half a cup of coffee, 56 mg), you may need less coffee. Limit  the  use   of    caffeine-containing    medications,     foods,  or  beverages  while  taking  this   product because too much caffeine may  cause  nervousness,  irritability,  sleep- lessness, and, occasionally, rapid heart  beat.

Why do the directions say to take this supplement with a little food, and how much is that? Some people who take supplements or vitamins get stomach problems if they don’t take a few bites of food.


Take Neurawake with a little food for fatigue, stress and focus


How does NeurawakeTM work?  Many of us are stressed, tired, and distracted during the day. This led to the energy drink epidemic, and the use of stimulant drugs, which often increase fatigue, tension and anxiety in the long run. One of the problems in modern living is overuse and burnout of a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System, or RAS. The RAS normally creates wakefulness and focus when needed. It also filters out excessive incoming information, allowing the brain to focus on one thing at a time. Many of us are faced with a large amounts of brain input, whether from busy lives, the media, or the needs of work and family.  Research suggests that the brain’s evolution has not kept up with the rapidly growing demands of modern living, leading to burnout and shrinkage of important brain areas like the RAS. NeurawakeTM was designed to support the RAS using a nutritional dietary supplement strategy. This produces a normal feeling of calm wakefulness, well being, focus, and restored stamina, without the scattering effects of energy drinks and medications.

Is NeurawakeTM Safe?  Yes. Each and every ingredient has the same FDA safety designation as the food you eat every day.



Is this product made in China or India?  No. NeurawakeTM is proudly made in the USA in an FDA-complaint plant that has been inspected. All ingredients and batches are tested for safety before and after production.

What about allergies and dietary issues?  NeurawakeTM is free of gluten, beef, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, milk, eggs, corn, chicken, and shellfish. It is vegetarian, sugar-free, and vegan.

Why do the directions have a dosing chart?  Everyone’s body is different, and while some people require up to three capsules for the desired effect, others only need one. Most people take two. However, it is best to use this supplement for a few days to see what works best for you. If a single capsule gives the desired affect, that is your best dose.



Who should not use this product?  We do not recommend it for pregnant or nursing mothers or kids. It is always best to check with your doctor before taking supplements.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.