Wake Up Your Neurons

Calm Energy, Focus and Stress Relief

...in 30 minutes

Clears Brain Fog Without the Jitters




Proven Ingredients

Restoring Tea Extracts

Over 100 Minerals

From this deep Icelandic sea comes a patented source of minerals harvested from red algae.


Malate is used to create energy-storing molecules.  It is a naturally occurring compound found in apples and in your body.

Extract of Blue Spirulina

Spirulina is known for its health benefits. Neurawake contains a patented extract of rare blue spirulina, which helps support normal antioxidant and brain cell health. Blue spirulina is found naturally in the sea.


Low-Dose Caffeine

Throughout history, low doses of caffeine, commonly from the cacao fruit, were used for stamina and health benefits. Neurawake contains a little (56mg) caffeine formulated for sustained release. This helps eliminate fatigue without the agitation.

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